Pevac Video (Player) for Dropbox

Pevac Video for Dropbox is a Video Roku player for Dropbox.

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Enjoy streaming MP4 videos directly from Dropbox. Pevac Video for Dropbox is available ONLY at official Roku Channel Store.

Please note Content Delivery Network (CDN) is a system of distributed servers that deliver content based on your geographic locations. Dropbox is not a CDN but can be used as such. Limitations may apply.

Depending on Roku device you use sometimes after subscription being completed you may have to reload/restart the channel to activate correctly.

Add & Configure - Pevac Video for Dropbox

Subscribe to channel

Add Pevac Video player for Dropbox to your Roku device. When you add a channel to your Roku device, you are actually adding it to your Roku account. This can be done via Roku device or in your browser. Pevac Player will automatically be added to all Roku devices linked to your Roku account. Open and subscribe to Pevac Video for Dropbox.

Activate your account

Pevac Video is designed to play MP4 Video files directly from your Dropbox. It needs to have access to your files. Follow instructions on the authorization screen on your Roku device. Use any device linked to your Dropbox Account to complete authorization.

Create a playlist

Populate Apps/RokuPevacVideo folder (Copy or Move files) before using Pevac Video for Dropbox. Please wait until app is installed to your Dropbox to populate RokuPevacVideo folder.

Play on any Roku device

Your Dropbox acts your DVR storage. Play your MP4 files on any Roku device.

Bandwidth Limits

Dropbox accounts have the following limits: Basic accounts and accounts on a trial of Dropbox Business have 20 GB of bandwidth, Plus, Family, and Professional accounts have 400 GB, Dropbox Business Standard accounts have 1 TB and Dropbox Business Advanced and Enterprise accounts have 4 TB bandwidth per day.



Pevac players are subscription based. Subscription activation/deactivation is done via Roku Channel Store only.

$ 0.99 / month



We're always humbled by people's interest in Pevac player project. This is why we want you to know Pevac player Roku platform is made for you!

Thank you for your support!